At the heart of our business, high quality requirements shared and adopted daily by our Chauffeurs

  • 15 minutes ahead of the pick-up point
  • At least three languages spoken including French and English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Italian .....
  • Connection and assignment of orders in real time by Rainbow’s App Way-D and Chauffeur connected via their smart phone
  • Strict and identifiable code dress: navy blue suit white shirt and plain tie
  • Refill equipment, Press, Bottles of water and wipes in vehicles Wifi on board
  • Modular indoor effluent according to season
  • At the service of Five stars Hotel and palaces, compliance with quality standards
  • Continuous and qualitative training:
    1. the new expectations and comfort of passengers
    2. to new mobility circuits
    3. to cultural and leisure news

Car as directed

  • Business Meeting
  • Road Show
  • Excursion Site seeing
  • Shopping


  • City tour Genève 3h
  • Around the Lac
  • Genève -Yvoire - Evian
  • Lausanne – Vevey – Montreux
  • Montreux – Gruyères
  • Chateau de Chillon
  • Chamonix - Mont-Blanc


  • Airport
  • Station
  • Ski resorts in Switzerland and in France.

Rainbow Concierge

  • Restaurants , Hotels, Fleurs
  • Private event
  • Reservation of Chalet, Yacht , Private jet
  • Butler
  • Chef
  • Personal Shopper
  • Body guard.

Diplomatic services

  • Fleet for official delegation
  • Chauffeur only to drive CD plate