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Rainbow Limousines

About Us

Rainbow Limousines Geneva was born in 2002 from the initiative of Jacky Quintero to offer chauffeur-driven car services to a demanding clientele traveling or transit in the city of Calvin and the Lake Geneva.

The clientele of Rainbow Limousines is then made up of a large part of hosts from Southeast Asia and particularly from Thailand.

In 2013, the company was acquired by Silvana Biribin, whose namesake group BIRIBIN is the European leader in chauffeur-driven services dedicated to diplomatic bodies and international official delegations. The group is present in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Cannes Strasbourg), Belgium and Switzerland.

Since 2018, Rainbow Limousines is managed by Fabrice Palazzo, a Swiss connoisseur of the Geneva environment and the industry of limousine.

Under his leadership, Rainbow is increasing its development with hotels and palaces in Geneva with a dedicated department and is turning to international agencies like Virtuoso that he rubbed shoulders around the globe. Also a specialist in event transportation management, Rainbow accompanies its customers on major events in Switzerland and abroad.

Rainbow Limousines strives to optimize the level of satisfaction of its customers as closely as possible and masters an organization turned towards a maximum and qualitative reactivity.


In support of these objectives:

  • Drivers perfectly bilingual or even trilingual (6 languages available) regularly trained in the rules and customs of the profession and the demands of demanding customers
  • A shared technology of instant information followed by dispatch, customers and Rainbow drivers. This flexible and serious tool allows the geolocation and the immediate communication of the follow-up of the services to the customers
  • A keen sense of tailor-made luxury and official clientele in its international mobility


All Rainbow Limousines services and services are provided under a vigilant eco-responsible approach, inspired and practiced throughout the Biribin Group. This behaviour is manifested as well by the economy of the resources used, the behaviour of the personnel as the choice of the vehicles with controlled consumption.


Rainbow Limousines is an active member of the Geneva Limousines Association (GLA) and a partner of the hotel concierge association "Cléfs d'or Genève".